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  • January 25, 2016

What is a New Zealand Student Visa?

New Zealand Student Visas allow non-residents to take on full time study in New Zealand.


New Zealand Student Visas are required for any non-resident wishing to study for more than 3 months, regardless of the course or institution chosen.

Time Frames

New Zealand Student Visas are typically granted based on the length of the course enrolled in by the prospective student, but the general maximum allowable period for a Student Visa is four years.

If the New Zealand Student Visa is issued to the child or partner of a New Zealand Work Visa holder, then the Student Visa may be set for the same time period as the respective work visa,

Work Allowances

New Zealand Student Visa may allow the holder to undertake work in New Zealand, although the restrictions on the number of hours which can be worked will vary based on the nature and length of study enrolled in New Zealand, with full-time post-graduate study potentially granting unlimited working rights for the length of the visa.


Younger students may be denied a New Zealand Student Visa unless they are accompanied by their legal guardian. In order to facilitate the guardians travel to New Zealand, they may be eligible to apply for a temporary Guardian Visa, unless they are already eligible to enter the country through a different Temporary Visa.

Next Steps

In order to ease the Student Visa application process, and to ensure maximal results, we recommend that all prospective New Zealand students book an appointment at our Wellington immigration office to plan out their Student Visa to ensure minimal hassle and maximum options, or to evaluate whether a different Temporary Visa may be a more suitable and advantageous option.

None of the above is intended or offered as personalized immigration advice.

If you require any immigration advice or consultation, please contact our Wellington immigration adviser as soon as possible.

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