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  • January 25, 2016

What is a New Zealand Limited Visa?

New Zealand Limited Visas are temporary visas granted to visitors considered to pose too much risk to be granted a regular New Zealand Visitor Visas.


Limited Visas cannot be granted for “general” or “open ended” visits, and will only be approved if the applicant has a valid and justifiable express purpose for coming to New Zealand, such as a wedding, a special event, medical treatment, family emergencies, or some form of milestone event or celebration.


The timeframe of a Limited Visa is generally determined to be the time needed to complete the express purpose for which the applicant plans to arrive in New Zealand. As an example, it may be possible to obtain a Limited Visa valid for two weeks for an applicant wishing to come for a funeral ceremony, but it would be unlikely that an application for a six months visit for a wedding would be granted.


Limited Visas are subject to several extra conditions which are not normally applied to Visitor Visas, namely not being able to request extensions to the Limited Visa, not being eligible for Section 61 requests, not being allowed to undertake any training or study, or foregoing the right to apply for a further visa while still in New Zealand.


Limited Visa applicants may be required to have a valid sponsor in New Zealand prior to being granted a Visitor Visa. The sponsor must be a citizen or New Zealand resident, and will be liable to support the Limited Visa holder for the duration of their stay, and, also, to pay any costs associated with breaches to the Limited Visa.

Next Step

Any potential Visitor Visa applicant who has doubts about the eligibility for a visa is recommended make an appointment with our Wellington immigration adviser to discuss their situation, and to evaluate the suitability of a Limited Visa.

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