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  • January 29, 2016

What is a New Zealand Family Visa?

New Zealand offers several visas for family members of New Zealand residents.


The main types of Family Visas offered in New Zealand are Partnership Visas, Dependent Child Visas, Parent Visas, and Parent Retirement Visas. Each New Zealand Family Visa type is intended for specific family members, and entails a separate set of requirements and processes.

Partnership Visa

Partnership Visas are available to the legitimate partner of a current New Zealand resident, permanent resident, or citizen. The New Zealand Partnership Visas are provided not only to married couples, but also civil union couples, and de facto relationships. Generally Partnerships Visas may be granted only for partners who have lived together for at least 12 months.

Dependent Child Visa

Dependent Child Visas can be issued to a person aged up to 24 years old to join their natural or adoptive parents in New Zealand and attain New Zealand residency.

The exact requirements for the Dependent Child Visa varies based on the age of the child, with those aged 17 or younger being eligible if they are single, and those aged up to 20 years old only being eligible if they have no children and are also single, while those aged up to 24 years old only being eligible if they are substantially reliant on their parents for financial support.

Parent Visas

Parents of New Zealand residents and citizens are eligible to apply for Residence Visas in New Zealand, if their child agrees to be a sponsor. The Parent Category Visas entail strict financial support requirements, and are also split into two processing streams based on the amount of settlements funds available to the parents. Upon grant of a Parent Visa, the applicants are eligible to obtain Residence in New Zealand.

Parent Retirement Category

The Parent Retirement Category allows the parents of a New Zealand resident to obtain a New Zealand residence in exchange for making a significant contribution to the local economy in the form of an investment. The minimum amount of funds to be invested is NZD 1 million, with an additional NZD 500 000 required as settlement funds.

Next Steps

New Zealand Family Visas can be deceptively complicated, especially in cases of adoption, older children, and Parent Retirement Visas. To improve the chances of a successful Family Visa application we advise applicants to book an appointment with our Wellington immigration adviser to begin a new Parent Visa application.




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