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  • August 2, 2017

Unlicensed Immigration Adviser Slapped with Fine

Fine for fake immigration adviser

An unlicensed adviser hosting an ‘unlawful’ radio show has been handed a $7,000 fine for giving unlicensed immigration advice to the Chinese community in New Zealand.

In a new newsletter the Immigration Adviser Authority has revealed that in late in July, Alison Yang lost her appeal to the High Court regarding charges filed against her for falsely holding herself out as an immigration adviser.

The original convictions against Alison Yang were laid in 2014, and it was alleged that she had given out immigration advice on a Mandarin-language radio show. As a result, it was deemed it was also deemed that she had held herself out as an immigration adviser.

Alison Yang argued that the information she provided was publically available, and, therefore not able to be regarded as advice.

She was found guilty of the charges, but appealed, pursuing permanent name suppression and a discharge without conviction.

The High Court decided that the appeal would not be upheld, and that Alison Yang would be issued a $7,000 fine.

The court heard evidence from four separate broadcasts featuring Alison Yang, and decided based on the evidence presented that the information was immigration advice.

The Immigration Adviser Authority noted that the radio show was “unlawfully broadcast her radio programme to the local Chinese community, many of whom could have been vulnerable to poor immigration advice.”

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