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  • August 2, 2016

New Zealand Job Search Websites

Job offers may be an essential element of obtaining an Essential Skills Visa or a Skilled Migrant Category Visa in New Zealand.

If you are hoping to live in New Zealand, we strongly encourage all potential applicants and clients to look at the websites below to begin their job search.

If you need assistance in understanding your eligibility for a work visa, or you have received a job offer, contact our immigration advisers today to discuss your case.

Trade Me New Zealand’s largest and most prominent advertising site. TradeMe was not initially created to advertise jobs, but many large and small businesses advertise open positions here.
Seek New Zealand’s largest job-vacancy advertisement website.
Work Here A job website aimed specifically at connecting non-residents with employers seeking employees.
Student Job Search A student-specific website predominantly advertising short-term and part-time jobs for students.
Backpacker Board Short-term work aimed at travellers, backpackers, and students in New Zealand.
New Kiwis An initiative by the Auckland Chamber of Commerce to connect employers with migrants seeking employment.
Seasonal jobs A listing website focused on agricultural and seasonal jobs. However, the site also contains numerous listings for non-agricultural jobs for travellers and foreign workers.

None of the above is intended or offered as personalized immigration advice.

If you require any immigration advice or consultation, please contact our Wellington immigration adviser as soon as possible.

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