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  • June 19, 2018

INZ Delays China WHV

NZ China Working Holiday VisaIf you are applying for New Zealand’s China Working Holiday Visa from China this year, you will have a few extra days to prepare.

On June 18th Immigration New Zealand announced that it was changing the date of the opening of the China Working Holiday Visa programme.

Prior to the announcement, the China Working Holiday Visa was set to open on June 21st. However, the date has now been shifted to July 3rd, at 10am (New Zealand time).

Immigration New Zealand explained that the change in the date “…allows for some changes to evidential requirements for high school qualification to be considered.”

The Chin Working Holiday Visa allows 1,000 Chinese citizens to come to New Zealand for up to 12 months. The visa also allows holders to work for an employer for a maximum of 6-months.

Applicants for the visa are required to meet a minimum level of English-language proficiency. Further, applicants must hold a senior high school qualification.




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