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  • June 4, 2016

Immigration Adviser License Types

All licensed New Zealand immigration advisers hold one of three license types: Provisional License; Limited License; Full License. Prior to engaging a licensed immigration adviser, make sure you understand the type of license they hold.

Provisional License

Provisional licenses are granted to all new applicants for a New Zealand immigration adviser license. The provisional licenses are given for a period of two years, and require that the license holder is supervised by a holder of a full immigration adviser license.

The provisional license is not a “lower” license, as all new immigration advisers are required to hold such a license, regardless of skill, specialty, resources, and ability. Provisional license holders are able to work independently of their supervisor, although portions of their work will be vetted and approved prior to being provided to Immigration New Zealand or the client.


In many cases receiving New Zealand immigration advice from the holder of a provisional license may be the best option for a visa applicant. The advice provided by a provisional license holder is always checked and approved by a full license holder, effectively meaning that clients receive advice from two separate advisers.


Prior to mid-2015 provisional licenses were granted to advisers who have not yet completed the educational component of the immigration license procedure. Holders of the old provisional license have not yet successfully completed study on several visa types, and could not adequately provide a full range of advice. Prior to engaging a provisional license holder it is important to determine which type of provisional immigration license they hold.

Limited License

Limited licenses allow the holder to provide immigration advise without supervision, but only in regard to certain visa types. Limited license holders are strictly forbidden from providing New Zealand immigration advice regarding any visa that they are not licensed to deal with.


Holders of limited New Zealand immigration licenses may be particularly skilled or experienced in specific visa types, issues, or situations. In some cases, it may be beneficial for a potential visa applicant to seek the advice of a reputable adviser with a limited license covering the required visa types.


Limited Visas may sometimes be granted as a punishment or a sanction to advisers who have breached the Code of Conduct of New Zealand immigration advisers or any New Zealand immigration legislation. Prior to taking on the services of a limited license holder, it is important to determine whether to an adviser who specializes in a specific immigration matter, or to an adviser who has breached their duties to clients and Immigration New Zealand.

Full License

Holders of Full New Zealand immigration licenses are able to provide immigration advice on any visa type without supervision.


Unlike holders of Limited Licenses, full license holders are able to provide advice on any aspect of New Zealand immigration, and, unlike provisional license holders, they are able to do so without supervision.


Prior to mid-2015 any individual who has completed the entire educational requirements for a New Zealand immigration license was able to obtain a full license immediately, without any practical immigration experience. Due to the change in regulations, it is possible that a current holder of a full immigration license will be less experienced and have access to fewer resources and materials than a holder of a provisional license. Any visa applicants considering taking on the services of a full license holder should first check how long the adviser has been practicing, and should inquire about their experiences with the visa type in question.

About AMG Immigration

Kirill Kruger of AMG Immigration currently has a provisional license, granted in early 2016. Our supervisor is one of the most experienced immigration advisers in New Zealand, and any advice provided by our immigration advisers will also be vetted and checked by him. AMG Immigration is also part of the Abaconda Management Group of consultancy businesses, and has access to business resources, process, and expertise which are out of reach of smaller, less experienced adviser who holds a full license by virtue of timing.

To see more details about the immigration license held by AMG Immigration, please see our license entry with the Immigration Adviser Authority. To discuss what immigration advice we can provide, and how our New Zealand immigration services can benefit you, contact us today, or book an appointment at our Wellington immigration office.

None of the above is intended or offered as personalized immigration advice.

If you require any immigration advice or consultation, please contact our Wellington immigration adviser as soon as possible.

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