AMG Immigration is an immigration adviser in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. AMG Immigration offers complete assistance with all New Zealand immigration issues for temporary and residence visas for applicants located in New Zealand and offshore.

We help clients achieve the optimal results with all temporary visa matters, including visitor visas, and temporary work visas. We will also help clients address difficult non-routine temporary visa issues, such as Section 61 requests, PPI Letters, Limited Visas applications, visa renewals, and variations of conditions.

AMG Immigration also offers comprehensive advice to applicants seeking New Zealand Residence Visas, including Skilled Migrant Visas, Family Visas, Permanent Residency Applications. AMG Immigration can also facilitate all-inclusive packages for business migrants, including ongoing accounting, taxation, business services, and consultancy.

At AMG Immigration we not only endeavour to obtain the best possible results for your visa application, but we also aim to ease the entire visa process, taking away the stress and anxiety of such a life-changing move.



At AMG Immigration we will handle the entire process of applying and obtaining a Visitor Visa, leaving your time free to make the most New Zealand. AMG Immigration will take the reigns of the planning, application, and documentary support for your Visitor Visa. We will handle all liaising and communication with Immigration New Zealand until your visa is granted. We can also help with applications for visa extensions, variations of conditions, and help applicants lodge Section 61 request for temporary visas in special circumstances.

Visitor Visa Guide


With our help you will soon be on your way to working and living in New Zealand, whether as part of a special event, for a working holiday, for a long-term position, or as part of your permanent move to New Zealand. At AMG Immigration we provide assistance and advice to non-residents wishing to come to New Zealand for employment, and, as part of our services, we can help you to explore your visa options, to plan your applications, to document and back your applications, to handle employer documentation, and to lodge the application for a work visa.

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New Zealand Limited Visas are an ideal option for individuals who may otherwise be denied a Visitor Visa. AMG Immigration will organize, document, support, and lodge applications for Limited Visas, to maximize an applicant’s chance of acceptance by Immigration New Zealand. We will help potential visitors construct strong and robust applications which address the concerns and questions of Immigration New Zealand. With our help, non-residents considered to be high-risk may stand a better chance to be granted a visa for a genuine visit.

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We will handle the entire process of applying for a New Zealand Student Visas, leaving students to worry about their classes and exploring New Zealand. We provide complete assistance with Student Visa applications for primary school students, secondary school students, and university students. We also assist with visa applications for Study to Work visas for graduates. Our Student Visas services are designed to help applicants obtain the necessary visas with minimal effort, while meeting the strict deadlines and requirements of schools and universities.

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Entrepreneur Visas are a specialty of AMG Immigration. We have extensive experience in helping non-residents establish new businesses in New Zealand, and we will utilize our knowledge to optimize your Entrepreneur Visa applications, maximizing not only your chances of approval but the success of your new venture. We handle the entire visa process, including liaising with authorities, developing a business case, and lodging a visa application.

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AMG Immigration provides an array of customized visa services for investors and affluent entrepreneurs moving to New Zealand. With our background in business consultancy we can help new migrants apply for an Investor Visa, and, additionally, provide long-term business support and services. We will help applicants navigate ongoing investment and fund checks by Immigration New Zealand, and will organize professional accounting, taxation, and business management services.

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Skilled Migrant Visas are the most popular and sought-after path to Residence in New Zealand. AMG Immigration will take on the planning and compiling Expressions of Interest, verifying points and bonus eligibility, lodging ITA applications, and organizing visas for any accompanying family members. With the help of our immigration advisers, applicants for Skilled Migrant Visas can maximize their chances of becoming New Zealand residents.

Skilled Migrant Visa Guide


AMG Immigration can help ease the process of obtaining Residency in New Zealand based on partnerships or family connections. We will handle the application and documentary evidence for applications for Dependant Child Visas, Parent Visas, Parent Retirement Visas, and Partnership Visas. Our complete immigration advice will help ensure that visa applications are not fraught with unneeded delays or risks, ultimately helping family members and loved ones come to New Zealand.

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IAA Trade Mark_colourKirill KRUGER is the licensed immigration adviser of AMG Immigration.

License Number: 201600480

As a licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser, Kirill KRUGER is legally entitled to provide full advice regarding immigration to New Zealand, in line with the Code of Conduct of the Immigration Adviser Authority.

Kirill Kruger is a fully qualified New Zealand immigration adviser, and is supervised in line with the requirements of the New Zealand Immigration Adviser Authority.

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